Hévíz Wellness

Hévíz is now a paradise for well-being as well, because it is ideal for those who want to get out of everyday drive because of their mood and tranquility.

Today Hévíz is not only a paradise for those who want to heal, but because of its mood, tranquility and quiet, it is a popular spa town for those who want to get out of everyday life. Virágoskert Apartman is therefore waiting for those who come for 3-4 days and their purpose is to relax and pamper.

The NaturMed Hotel Carbona **** Superior Bath Complex offers a daily entry ticket, which is provided at a discount to our guests. The entrance ticket can be used by the thermal bath or the adventure pool, swimming pool and sauna.
• Price for a full-day adventure pool: xxxxx Ft / occasion (use of swimming pool, adventure bath, saunas
• Price for a full-day thermal bath ticket: xxx HUF / person / occasion (only use of the thermal bath)
• There is a possibility to buy a discount ticket, which is two. It is valid between 17:00 and 21:00. Price: xxxx Ft / person / occasion, which can be used in the hotel's spa / swimming pool / sauna island section.


Price: Wellness HÉvíz

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